Open to full-time work opportunity (Singapore/Malaysia)
Open to work opportunity (Singapore/Malaysia)

I’m Ivan S.H. Phang, a versatile 3D Artist from Johor in Malaysia. My journey began as a 3D Artist in Singapore back in 2003, and my passion for realism in art has guided me towards the realm of photorealistic 3D art and animation over the years.

With my roots as an art student, I naturally gravitated towards creating visual wonders that mirror reality. My experience spans across some of Singapore’s premier production and post-production houses, where I’ve held roles as a Project Lead and Senior 3D Artist. Through these roles, I’ve amassed a wealth of experience in the dynamic creative media industry, spanning various domains.

While my career has been enriched by my diverse roles, I see art as a perpetual journey of exploration and mastery, a path I’m excited to tread for a lifetime.

My expertise lies in 3D CGI production, encompassing look development, post-production, and dynamic high and low poly 3D modeling and animation. With a holistic approach, I’ve contributed my skills to a spectrum of projects including video games, TV commercials, documentary films, short films, product videos, music videos, architectural visualizations, and engaging web content.

I’m dedicated to breathing life into the imagination, bridging creativity and technology with every creation.